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Arm/Strut Replacements

Winder/Pulley Repairs and Replacements

Canopy Repairs

Canopy Wash

Canopy Waterproofing

Cord Replacement 

Top and Centre Hub Repair and Replacement

Pole Repairs and Replacements

Metal Cable Replacements



Umbrella Protective Covers

(These slip over umbrellas when not in use, protecting them from the elements and extending umbrella life)

Base Plates

New and good-quality second-hand umbrella canopies


Canopies are exposed to the elements, with both timber and alloy umbrella canopies often developing unsightly marks and mildew staining. 


In many cases we are able to commercially clean your canopy. 


The canopy needs to be in generally sound order, and lighter colours are more successful than darker ones. 


Some marks (such as rust and alloy stains) can’t be removed, however a commercial clean will generally improve the appearance of your unit and greatly extend your umbrella’s serviceable life.


Please Note:  We recommend that you purchase a protective zip cover for your umbrella once it’s cleaned. 

Using a cover over your market umbrella protects it when not in use and helps guarantee a long life for your investment. 


The Broken Umbrella is able to supply a wide range of high-quality protective covers for market umbrellas.

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Needing a new canopy for your umbrella?

We have you covered. With a range of premade canopies to suit your umbrella.

The premade canopies come from our many suppliers around Australia.

Please note, some umbrellas may be discontinued and the supplier will potentially not stock premade canopies anymore. 

Other brands of umbrellas will not fit a different brand's umbrella due to pitch and size.

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