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  • Where are you located?
    We are located in Seaford, Victoria. Unit 2/64 Brunel Rd, Seaford 3198.
  • Do you repair rain, golf or hand umbrellas?
    No we do not. We only specialise in market umbrellas. The big ones normally in gardens, near pools and around cafés.
  • What are the custom canopies made from?
    The custom canopies are made from Acrylic Canvas. This is a very durable fabric mainly used on outdoor items, even on yachts. With proper care of the fabric, you can have a perfect canopy for many many years to come.
  • When making a custom canopy, do you need the frame too?
    Yes. In order to make a custom canopy for your umbrella we need both the original canopy and frame. Over time the canopy would have stretched in different areas and makes it hard to get a perfect template. Having the frame allows us to perfect fit the canopy.
  • How do I remove my umbrella from its' base?
    Instructions on how to remove your umbrella from its' spigot/base are on the gallery page at the bottom. Please remove the spigot and base before our couriers collect. If the base and spigot is left in the umbrella when collected, they will be sent back as two items, and charged as two deliveries. We do not need the spigot and base, this can be left at home.
  • Do I need to bring the base with me?
    No. We do not need the base from the umbrella, only the umbrella is needed.
  • Do you sell new umbrellas?
    Yes we do! We have a variety of brands we distribute for. From centre pole to cantilever, residential to commercial, we are bound to find you the best suited umbrella. Jump on to the "Our Range" tab above to see who we distribute for!
  • If I am not able to bring my umbrella down to your factory what do I do (Melbourne)?
    There are two options: 1: If you are able to remove the umbrella from its' base, lay it down in an easy location and our couriers can collect the umbrella (selected Metro Melbourne suburbs). (Price starting at $40.00 each way). 2: If the umbrella is too large and heavy to move by yourself. Send us through an image of the umbrella for us to observe and we will send a few of our staff up to remove and collect it. This will be the same once the repair is done to reassemble the umbrella. (Price starting at $60.00 each way).
  • I am interstate, how am I able to get it repaired?
    We can send you a "Send Back Kit", this includes a bag to secure your umbrella in, consignment notes attached to the bag for the couriers to scan and an instruction manual. We organise everything with the courier including a specific date (set by yourself) for the umbrella to be collected. This allows an interstate couriers company (such as TNT, Toll or other) to come past and collect the umbrella to deliver it down to us in Melbourne. We will then send the umbrella back to you all repaired!



AusPost is our main courier when sending smaller items. We will send you a Tracking number for your item which can be tracked on their website.


When it comes to larger items we use a variety of couriers companies. Tracking numbers for the items will be sent to you with the link to view the tracking. 

If there are any concerns with your delivery,

please call us on 0423 351 555

or email us at


If you have changed your mind about the repair please inform us ASAP.

Any work is done or pat ordered for the umbrella before informing us will be billed. 
If you have paid and we have not started the repair or sent an item out then a refund is allowed.

An item will not be sent out or collected from our factory if it has not been paid for in full.

If an item is collected by either our courier or ourselves and the item is found to not be damaged in anyway, the cost of the courier or us collecting the umbrella will need to be paid for. This includes onsite inspections, if there is found to be nothing wrong with the umbrella, you will be charged for the onsite inspection.



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